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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 MAGIC word!!

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hye readers.. lalalala... lama siak x update blog.. weeeeeeee...


how often do u tell some1 dat u'r sorry? how often do u hear it? if u dont say it, do u ever wonder wat would happen if u did?

hurm... guys.... i grew up in a family dat said sorry all the time... and the really meant it... Sometimes my mom even says SORRY to my dad when its my fault. dat just makes me want to say sorry to her n my dad even more. i really believe saying SORRY is a magic word. It doesnt heal all wounds but it can work miracles when we've hurt others, even unintentionally.



My Mr.Belacan always told me that there hv 3magic word in this world..... they are .....


these 3words are magic coz they cn make the other person who speaks to us feel better when we use these 3words...

1 - PLEASE - always use when asking someone to do somthing for u
2- TQ - say this to anyone who has done a favour for u
3- SORRY - always remember to apology whenever u did any kind of mistake..

but.. there hv a secret when u want to use these 3words.....
u have to be humble when u use them n feel them through your heart. BUt if u say these 3words but in a sarcastic way ( like i did when i rcved a cal from bodoh sombong nye org ), then its nt really gonna work...

So for those who never use these 3magic words b4, PLEASE start today.. THANK YOU for reading dis entry. and IM SO SORRY if there's any word that might offended anybody... Sometimes people need reminder in order to realize their mistake... lets start use this magic word TOLONG, MAAF & TERIMA KASIH!


nota kaki kanan :

TQ to my sambal belacan
for everything. He's soooooo
'natural'.. Softspoken... 6thn
kenal, xpenah dgr dia naik
suara dkt kwn or using bad words..
And TQ utk dia psl slalu nasihat.
Sorry utk sume yg maa dh wat..
Pls watch over me like am
a little girl coz i really need
it.. LOVE u daddY! Muuahh!!

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