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Monday, June 20, 2011


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Dear abah,

I was lucky as a child growing up my parents stayed together, loved each other and most of all love their children. He were strong believers in the ryte & wrong ways in life to teached us the ways u r to go in life.

Growing up as a his daughter is the gud times we shared with my dad, how speacial it would be to hv a day with him. He is a kind man dat will do watever he can help u! he is kind, loving, and kadang2 he can became someone that u can always talk about everything.. hehehe.. Nice kan? YES! He always do..... Sayang abah!

my abah :

Hey u know wat guys... When i was 13years old, i went to interview for enter 1 of boarding school kat penang. I was not prepared at all. And masa tuh abah anta. Know wat... Keluar rumah n abah bg kata semangat kat aku "Just be urself. Buat mcm biasa. Dok umah pon xpa. Ada org tgkkan ko... Mkn minum... Nnti apa2 jd susah... xda duet mkn.." . Hahaha.. Last2 x g pon.. lalala...

overprotective kan? hahaha. Thats my dad... Sometimes annoying jugak perangai dia..

He's my hero! He's always figuring out ways to make my life better, he always helps me in any ways he can and he always get me out of trouble! He always helps me in arts homework ( im really bad in drawing!). Sometimes my dad helps my mom cooking and cleaning. He always donate our clothes to donation organisation.

My dad and my mom is the most GRACIOUS, loving person i ever met! They are greatest parent in this universe!!!! I love them so muchhhh!!!

happy ABAH day to my abah!



Ayong, Wani, Bat, Akib & Baby.

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