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Monday, December 6, 2010

im back!

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i'm backkk!!! hehehe.... 1st of all, i wud like to apologize to all becoz im quite bz lately n dont hv the suitable time to lepak with my lappy! ok.. due to my works, i also hv no time to with the right mood to update my blog! a lot of thing to be done and erm... IM TIREDDDD!!!!!

ok.... nothing much i love to write here.. just a few things that happened in few days ago. huh!! busy week lol!!!

1st : owh... KONTROVERSI!!... My post at google buzz jd sasaran bdk tech! gagaga... do i care? salah ttp salah! x kisah la anda sapa.. my boss? my superior? my director??! sy bukan KIPAS ANGIN ok!!! take note kat situ!!!

2nd : erm..... love story lak ok! hurm..... him? busy 24hours a day, 7days a week! owh..... we only hv a few minutes everyday for 'BERGAYUT!'.... hurm.... xpa xpa..... dia pon ader life dia sndiri and kerja sndiri... phm la org keje sndiri.. psl aku dulu pon sama la! no time for diri sndiri apatah lg org sekeliling! owh sgt penat ok wlaupon masyuk! hahahaha,....

3rd : sy menjawat jawatan TREASURE 1 untuk bbd team...... for december activity : BOWLING TOURNAMENT.. We will collect MYR20/ person! There will hv 12 team will be participate and only 4 team sajo yg akan enter final game! huhuhu.. this is our calender fr 2011!!!

January : Karaoke
February : Quiz
March : Badminton
April : Indoor game tournament
May : Outing
June : Indoor game tournament ( chess, congkak, Carom)

owh minit mesyuarat nih sy yg wat... sgt memenatkan! huhuhuhu

erm.. gtg nw.. ive sumtin to be done before 1pm!!! dammnnnnn!!! will update with 'love story' after this! coolllll!!!! daaaaa~!!

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