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Sunday, December 19, 2010

welcome Mr. 2011

post by::: ♥ºmY­­­¯hEaRt^miNd-sOuLº♥


hye readers~! hehehe..... i was still @ Palm Spring Condo, Damansara.... hurmmm counting time to 2011! hurmmm... Looking back at the resolutions i've set for 2010..... quite hampeh okays! i did not achieve 20% of them!! and wondering myself... Why it has not worked?? *sigh* but i never giving up on my resolutions! They have their place - just not at my placement. So for this year, in da spirit of giving ( another failed resolutions) and the spirit of my lover (cewahhh.....) i've authored resolutions '4 the rest of my life'. I believe there are sensible ideas that will help d world is a better place - for sure its for me, him, her, it, they and you... erm?? planning for 2011?? hahaha.. WTF! Just revised balik je..... so, whats my resolutions for 2011... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... read this! *flip my hair*

♥ not to worry so much bout my life now. *smile*

♥ take a better care of myself! love myself more than other pple! huh!

♥ collect balik sume buku 'CHICKEN SOUP SERIES'!!!! So utk sume, bila birthday saya, tlg la bg adiah buku nih. xnak bnd lain.. pelishhhh!!

♥ enjoy each moment and every person im with! (dont take life for granted!)

♥ go back to school!!!! yehhaaaaa!!!!! kedeguk gedeguk!!! (ada bunyi mcm tunggang kuda x? gagagaga) : go back to school?? wtf! hello!!! i didnt meant i want to go back to SMKTTDI or cntnue my studying! Not to get a degree... but I JUST THINK ITS A GOOD IDEAS TO CONTINUALLY EDUCATE MYSELF with a lot of good thing! tadaaaaaaaaa...!!!! *laughing like hell!!*
♥ learn to cook more cookies, & cakes! wachhhhaaaaaaa!!!! *buffing my nails*

♥ last but not least! KISS MORE OFTEN!!! ::: My mom, my dad, my sister, my brothers, my freinds, my AMOR!!!! Tralalalala..... *raised eye brow!*

____________HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!_____________

wish you all happy 2011!!

hey you.. Mr.2011!! You better be GOOD to me ok!!!

Above all, reinvent the wheel.

outzzz~! Adios amigoss~!!

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