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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pisang panas : 1malaysia email...!!!!

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holla to all my readers..... (ader ke? ahaks!!!)
hey, do u heard bout 50mil for 1Malaysia email project? Whoooa...... Our goverment will provide us an email address for official proposed to all Malaysia aged 18 and above (erkkk..........)

Our Pm annouced it yesterday at PICC. And again.. 1 Malaysia email acc which will cost TAXPAYERS 50mill.... Whoa.. Wat d HUGE figure huh? aiyooo.....

My kampung dont hv a 3G ntework.. We only hb GPRS network which is the average speed is <64kbps... And sometime we cannot access LOCAL website because of the traffic at my area.... Isk isk isk...... And we dont hv a PC... How come my parent want to use d email?? Any suggestion??

he also said that secure 1msia acc dat will allow direct & secure communication btween d public n d governmnt.. (is it nt secure if im using streamyx/ gmail email acc to email the govt?? wats d diffirence??)

Im just wondering.. Wat's d purposed for this bullsh*t email? Y do us need a NEW email acc when most who hv internet access already hv 1 or more email addresses.... and maybe he can consider dat many in the rural areas dnt even hv internet access n in some places nt even electric supply..... So... the qs is... WHO WILL BENEFIT MOST FROM THIS MYR50mill PROJECT?? hurmm......

Since we chge PM to PakLah, our costs of living doubled up instantly.. Now we chge it to Najib, AGAIN, it increase TRI-fold compared to d last of TUN DR.M time... (sigh....)

Can u pls STOP ALL this idiotic n unnessesary idea.... Its wasting our money!! 50mil is not 50cents lol... Y dont u spend it on other projec.. I know it will be nt an email only.. maybe with other plenty features.. but... We r happy to use FREE yahoo/ gmail mail rather than u guys spending on this stupid ideas..... I's rather put d MYR50mill into Education sector than this useless mails projects... If u want to gv us know some instant news or other important news.. we hv a lot if media access.... newspaper... TV.. Radio.. And i believe... Almost all malaysia do hv Radio/ TV ryte?? No need to waste d money for this nonsense idea.... hmm....

50mill.. Its quite HUGE amount..... Pls dont waste our money... Its totally stupid, idiot, brainless project initiated by some brainless pple for a corrupted country & community!!! And 4 sure.. a lot of personal detail will be closed then jeng jeng jeng.......... use the individual details to make HANTU VOTER.. hahahhaa........... Teeeetttttt.. Nice try Nice try!! Good jobs INSPECTOR SYAHAB!!! hahahhahaha.....

Surely i will gt 1 email ryte... wait!! let me think wat user name shud i use.. hurm.....
isthatu_ourstupiddeafpm@1maysian.com <---whoaaa... sounds good!! Ok dont steal this useename! Its mine.. kakkaka

Rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan shud be replaced with "MENTERI DIDAHULUKAN, POKET DIUTAMAKAN"...... lalallaa.....

Nota kaki kanan :
eyh, suddenly wondering about our PM
spend 20mil for BAIKI masjid at kampung
Baru.... Andd.. opsss.. Who gt the tender?
Owh our PM's brother.. N the lakaran
its FREE. So, i thinktrhe 20mill will go to
beli the BAHAN MENTAH like EMAS..
hahahhahahahhahaha.. wtf~!!! owh our money!
agak2 kalu tenat duet, ley gadai x?

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