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Monday, February 2, 2009

no way back into L.I.F.E!!!

post by::: ♥ºmY­­­¯hEaRt^miNd-sOuLº♥


Here I am,
Standing straight,
Without any direction.

Here I am,
Standing still,
Looking back into life.

I said to myself,
How I wish that I can
go back into past,
Correcting mistakes that I've done.

Here I am,
With a dull, frustrated face,
Longing to fulfill my dreams.

The dreams that I can't achieve,
All because of the mistakes I've made.

Here I am,
Before I knew,
The path I've taken is,
The path that directs me
With regret.

And now I've realised,
There is no way back,

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