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Sunday, February 1, 2009

for my late-syg!!!

post by::: ♥ºmY­­­¯hEaRt^miNd-sOuLº♥


--dedicate to my late syg--
:::Muhammad Faizal bin Mohd Tahir (dats y i like Faizal Tahir.. Remind me to u syg...):::

I loved you,
And I had exchanged sweet nothings with you,
I know from my memories,
That you were a wonderful person.

You don't deserve the hand that fate dealt you,
Rest in peace,
Oh god,
May your soul find shelter and solace in His Kingdom.

Your passing is more than I can ever handle,
But I know you have found your freedom,
You've always wanted to be free,
"At whatever cost," you told me.

But does that mean,
You have to leave?
I cry nearly every night,

Because you're not there beside me,
Living now is such a fright,
More so than I thought it could be.

You were so dear to me,
We went everywhere together,
From eating lunch to 'Paris',
My courage, I'd have to gather.

I'll miss you forever,
And wish you'd never died,
Your tragic death has struck me to the core,
But you are worth every tear I'd cried..
I loved you Muhammad Faizal...

--04-Dec-2004, 03:59pm--
5 yearssss.. And I still remember that day, u leave me 4ever.. Alone in here....
"Abg baru balik dr Mesir... N dat time baru 3kali kita jumpa... Sapa sangka, kali ke-3 kita jumpa.. N dat day kali pertama kita bergaduh n i merajuk n abg pujuk syg..... "Sayang, okay.. I'll never leave u again kay? I'll be here, next to u if u need me or if u want me la... hahaha"... And..... Beberapa minit selepas abg ckp mcm tu, abg kuar kete nk g bank...... BAMMMMM!!!! Shit! DAMN SHIT!!!! I HATE VIOS!!!!!!!!!!!! Abg, u lie to me... U told me that u'll be here, standing next to me when i need u... Really miss u abang.... Abg ckp xnak tinggalkan syg... Tapi xsmpai 15min abg ckp, abg tinggalkan syg buat SELAMA-LAMANYA!!!! Tipu hek? Tak baik wat syg nanes tetiap malam smpai sekarang... ANd now syG tgh dgr lagu 'kau tetap dlm anganku-azie' utk abg... huhuhu.... Now... I'm standing here alone.. And... Still looking n waiting 4 my true love till now... Ade ke a guy out there that can love me like u do n make me fall in love with him like i loved u....

Menitik suda air mataku....

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