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Friday, April 8, 2011

'ITS' killing me softly!!!

post by::: ♥ºmY­­­¯hEaRt^miNd-sOuLº♥


date & time : Apr 6, 2011 at 5:32 PM

Hye guys....

im at my office now.. OMG!!! Its a rainy day today.. Argghhhh!! Fcuk!
Damn sleepy!! Oh my dear boss, can i log out now, drive my car & goin
home??!! I miss my 'smelly' pillow and whity comforter!! Sobs Sobs
Sobs T_T

i hate working on rainy day!!!!!!!

HUH! Ok wat im doin to 'yakdushhh' the sleppy mode? Haaa.... Cucuk itu
earphone kat hp, sumbat telinga and bukak vid MADDI JANE... Listening
to the 'PRICE TAG' song! Sambil hangguk pale & playing PANGUIN games!

Mode : Gigih membina tower senjata utk membunuh penguin2 yg terkedek2
ini! Wahhhh!! Sgt khejam uolsss....!! Haruslah... DUNIA MMG X ADIL
sebenarnya! Kakakaka....

Oh god.. Im so bored.... Wat im so supposed to do now huh?

Playing games? DONE~
Listening to the music? DONE~
Singing a song like hell? DONE~
Watching clip vid? DONE~
Youtube? DONE~
Facebook'ing'? DONE~
Tagged? DONE~
Kacau my frens? DONE~
Kacau mr Boyfie? NOT DONE YET~ he's sleeping! xbaek!!!

Oh man.... 6hours to go~ Im in HELL!!! Owhhh.. PLsssssss...... I want
to go back homeeeeeeee!! Oh my hommie!!! Uwaaaaaaaa.......

wat i shud do now? Isk isk isk.. What im gonna eat for dinner?
Adoiiii...... i cant even think! isk isk isk... Is this a real life?
or its just a dream.. i cant feel myself....
owh ive an offer u guys over here... Tolong penampo saya!! bg cergas
pale otak nih! oh gosh! ngantokkkkk~!!!!!!!!


kondisi diri : GILA!
kondiri mental : MERENG!

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