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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

me i my mine ; part 1

post by::: ♥ºmY­­­¯hEaRt^miNd-sOuLº♥


lets start the survey~ Enjoy!!

starting time: 12.59pm
Name: Siti Norhumairah
Sisters: 1
Brothers: 3
Eye Color: black
Height: 5' 4
What are you wearing right now? jeans + grey tshirt
Where do you live? TTDI, damansara

Favorite Drink? Ice Lemon Tea
Favorite Month? of course October~
Favorite Breakfast? garlic bread + tuna + half boiled egg! Yummy YUmmy!!!!

***********Have You Ever*****************

Loved someone so much it made you cry? yup
Ever broken a bone? no
Been in a police car? fcuk! hell no!
Been on a plane? yeah
Felt like you wanna cry and have no freakin idea why? yup a few times acctually
Been in a hot tub? yes
Swam in the ocean? yes
Fallen asleep in school? no... i a gud student when i was young! weeeeeee.....
Broken someone's heart? hmmmmmm... im always the broken one
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call? once..... 2004... waiting for Mohd Rizam bin Che Beson to call me! and its not hp... its a house phone..
Saved e-mails? yes
Been cheated on? a few times with a gud reason!

***********What is-****************
Your room like? nothing special... but i love my bedsheet... RED!! bought it at IKEA.. Thnx to Ikea.. Krn byk menyumbangkan idea2 bedsheet yg mempengaruhi sy utk beli!
What is the last thing you ate? rendang ayam!

------------Ever Had- --------------

Chicken pox? yes.. once! 6years ago.. when i was 17~!! i woke up early morning, n i scream for a few second when i look my face at mirror! ngeeeeeeeeee
Sore throat? oh yeah!
Broken nose? nope

-------------------------Do You------------------------

Believe in love at first sight? yes i do
Like picnics? hell yes! but depends on who with
Like school? HARUSLAH!! Tambah2 Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Tun Dr Ismail and only cause of my fren


Who was the last person you IM-ed? cant remember
Who makes you smile? my buddies! they rock!


Did you last yell at? cant remember.. i think to my youngest brother..... coz he do sumtin i disagree/ like and i scold him!
Do you like filling these out? i enjoy them
Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? yes! i do since i was 13yrs old....
Do you like yourself? 97.5% of the time (some times i can be a B.I.T.C.H )

---------------------Final Questions--------------------

What are you listening to right now? Kangen Band - PUJAAN HATI... Dd8 this song to Mr Abdul Hafis...
What did you do today? surfing, eating, drinking, shower'ing', boring, ring, ing, ng, g!
What car do you wish to have? uiks! I love this QS!!!! 4 sure Audi R8... ( tp any subaru impreza model pon layan! janji jgn bg model ver.6 dh r! x chantek!! )

Good singer? not really....
Diamond or pearl? pearl!
Are you the oldest? yes! im the eldest from 5.
Indoors or outdoors? indoors!

-----------------------Today did you--------------------------

Talked to some one you liked? no~
Get sick? i felt like crap! eyh.. yes~ bad flu!
Sing? yeah
Talked to an ex? no
Miss someone? hmm........... Mr Abdul Hafis..

--------Last person who---------------------------

Was in your bed? my mom
You talked to on the phone? My mom.. Last nite i guess.....
Made you cry? Megat Fareez bin Megat Musthapa
You went to the mall with? my friends........ n my mom ( sometimes )

-----------------have you ever--------------

Been to Mexico? no
been to Canada? nope
Been to Africa? no
Been to Korea? i wish too...


Do you have a crush on someone? ermm.....
Best feeling in the world? when Mr Abdul Hafis pm me n say "i love you since 1st i meet u........"
Future kids names?
walaweyyyyy.... soalan~!!
Boy: harris, hakim, haikal, hafiz, haziq, hazim
Girl: haziqah, hannah, hafshah,

What's under your bed? xda apa pon~
Favorite sport to watch? fOOtball + f1
Favorite location? DUBAI!!! My abg said it was a damn very nice country! hihihi.. oR might be erm...... South Africa? ( i wanna go to capetown.. johnnesburg - i dun knw how to spell it! wateva~)
Who do you really hate? my lecturer masa kat UM..... Benci dia!
Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with? erm.... yup! r Abdul Hafis
Are you lonely right now? YESS!!!!!!


credit to Ms Effa CuRio!!!

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