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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

G.A.M.E.S at W.O.R.K.P.L.A.C.E!!!

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Hye guys... hurm.. our topic for today is GAMES at ur WORKPLACE!!! Pretty cool topic huh??!! Who intrested to comment, kindly 'lepaking' at my blog... http://myheart-mind-soul.blogspot.com

Let me start by saying I luv my job! I luv d people I deal wif over d phone, and d work load.

Working life sumtime is really sucks plus wif politics!!! Let's b honest here. Bad stuff can happen to good people. Bright, smart, hard-working souls who try to do a good job often end up getting walked over, trodden on, beaten down. N for those who arrogant, nasty, vindictive types often seem to have a fast-track ticket that allows them to rise straight to the top. But you didn't need me to tell you that. I bet you can think of a dozen instances where you have seen precisely that happen. But d qs is, Do you???? erk....??? If d answ is YES, erm....... u hv to go back home n 'cermin' urself!!!! Hope u cn see 'KEJI' nya korg!!

'POLITIKING' happens whether u like it or not! YES! Some pple try to b NOBLE nd REFUSE to play the games. They do their job and work so hard to 'KENEN2 & AMPU2' their superior or manager, HOPES of being noticed & rewarded for their efforts ( bad effort - so sad!)

But all of u hv to realise sumtin!! Think after u read this..... "They are NICE guys/ ladies... but i'm AFRAID nice does not mean NICE, it OFTEN ends up meaning LOSERRRR!!" rite???? bcoz they refuse to play politics, they get taken advantage of it! THEY END UP AS ORGANISATIONAL MARTYRS, MOANING BOUT THE UNFAIRNESS OF LIFE BUT NEVER DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! lalalalalala......

U try to manipuulate & use pple n u will probably get caught. U could b tarnished with the label of being "POLITICAL!" which cn make pple REFUSE to TRUST u or want to listen to u again.....

So, PLAY THE GAME!!! Or get left behind. Which are u goin to do???

ME??? Rilex, cool.. be humble.. and to all politic gamer!!! ARE YOU A LOSER OR WINNER???! hahahaha.. THINK ABOUT IT!!! lalalalala........

keji..... najes.... jijiks.... sedey!!! =))

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